Many things have happened, so fast that I have left behind some part of them. Moreover, last night when I want to delete my inbox messages, as I mark those I want to delete, the content of messages gave me some pictures of the past. A lot of things have actually happened without my mindfulness. From the advices, stories, supports, simply reply and response to some messages that I can hardly delete are all there. They are 400 plus messages!

Besides that, when I skimmed through some messages I realized that my best friend messages are there with all the courages she have given to me when I told her about my difficulty to decide on ‘something’. I read through it and said to myself that she is absolutely true. If only I didn’t hear to her advices that time, I might have in the most difficult situation at the moment. I might abandon my mind and life for ‘something’ that doesn’t deserve to get my sacrifices. Today, that ‘something’ is no more exist without a single sign of departure. Relief in one hand, but sad at the other hand.

What my friend has once told me is proven true that that ‘something’ was just temporary. I have forgotten what my friend said which make me feel lost about that ‘something’. But fortunately, I have remembered the forgotten advice from my best friend. I will not try to protect that ‘something’ when it doesn’t seems to put any effort to do that to itself.

Yes, it doesn’t matter anymore from this moment onwards because I will have forgotten the ‘bad’ and ‘good’ of that ‘something’ as time goes by without any attempt to remember it. But, I will always remember I have had experience that unforgotable ‘something’.

What is really that ‘something’ is? Well, I can say it maybe like process or experience that may be my life time lesson. It maybe called すき、愛 or less than that. I don’t know.



Ow, another tiring day, and guess what, one week has passed by so unexpectedly fast.
Meaning that, 4 weeks left to go for a bunch of assignments,
Huah, just can say, Wish me luck!
and good luck to you guys also, who will have exam close by.

Ah, holiday coming by soon also, and it will be extremely long for me.
I’ve heard some said that new sem will start on 25th Feb 2008
Haha, but i’ve got plan for myself.
just not yet time to reveal now.
My holiday will end up very stressful and tiring but yet very useful.